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Heavy Duty Solution for Job Site WorkeR Sanitization
From a trusted brand in metal fabrication

Industry Expertise

We know job sites and their needs
for sanitary solutions

You asked for it and
we built it!
Chameleon like to fit your needs for
job site workers sanitization


Knee Valve

A knee valve turns
water on and off

All Weather Operation
Ready to handle
Mother Nature
Tough job sites
demand Rugged
Easy Install
Easy to Install,
Easier to Use
Conforms to
your Needs
Sensor Operated
High Traffic Areas Need
Innovative Solutions

Ready Sink In Action

Ready Sink At Work

Ready Sink on Shop Floors
Ready Sink at Work Sites
Ready Sink In Warehouses

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No this unit is not self-contained. ReadySink requires a Cold-Water connection (i.e. Hard Connection, Garden Hose, or a Portable Water Tank). ReadySink will also require a drain connection, direct connection to a sewer line or a greywater tank (greywater tanks can often be supplied by a porta-potty or equipment rental company).

    Sink, Stand, faucet, cold/hot water valve, & associated plumbing fittings. Options: Caster Kit, Shelf, Dispenser Panel, Single Pedal Knee Valve, Dual Pedal Knee Valve, Automatic Sensor, Tankless Point of Use Instant Hot Not Included: Paper towel dispenser & soap dispenser.

    Qualified Plumbing Contractor.

    Equipment rental company – Sanitation rental company – Plumbing Supply Store – etc.

    Anywhere really. Construction sites, warehouses, factory floors, schools, restaurants, etc.

    Everything you need in one quick and easy to install unit. Sink, Stand, faucet, cold/hot water valve, & associated plumbing fittings ready to go all in one box.

    From any one of our authorized distributors coast to coast.